Lakshmivara Theertha Swami died of natural causes, was not murdered: Pejawar seer

Hubballi: Dismissing all speculation of foul play in the death of Laxmivara Teertha Swamiji, that passed away recently, Sri Vishwesha Teertha Swamiji of Pejawar Adhokshaja Math on Thursday said there wasn’t any chance of murder in the circumstance. He also had ceased doing pooja and explained the seer was sick. Upset on claims of participation with other seers within his passing, the Pejawar swamiji had nothing and stated the pontiffs distribute messages of peace and also contributed sermons.

“It’s unjust to guess the participation of any pontiff from the passing of Laxmivara Teertha Swamiji. Those don’t have any basis or proof. I really don’t have any information regarding food poisoning. I discovered the seer suffered from kidney and kidney failure. Allegations shouldn’t be made without a reason. I had affection and love to get Laxmivar Teertha Swamiji though we had our differences,” he further added.

Asserting that there wasn’t any relation between the controversy within the handing over the Patta Devaru into the late pontiff and his passing, he remembered he had himself confessed to having kids.” Patta Devaru wasn’t handed to the seer because he’d handed up sanyas and wasn’t considered mind of the spiritual institution,” he clarified. To a query about the appointment of the successor in Shirur Mutt of the pontiff he stated he’d give guidance and that Sodhe Mutt could take a decision if requested.

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