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Pejawar Swamiji 80th Year Celebrations @ Udupi

Hare Srinivasa,

Hope many of you are tuned into the updates and information from Udupi, on the role being held there in the last 3 times, the clippings of which can be found in the web. Of the Swamiji’s including the Mantralayam Rayar Mutt was in Udupi to participate in this event and participate in the honor that is rare.

In fact he believed to be the true ambassador of Hindus of our country. He is famous for revolutionary thinking his daring initiatives and aimed at the betterment of their society and tactics, activities.

Needless to state that Madhvas are very pleased of his accomplishment of sanyasi Life in 70 years and Shri Swamiji. It would be difficult to envision the standing of madhvas without the attempt along with the actions / jobs these years of Shri Swmaiji. As it had been advised, Pejawar Swamiji is getting younger and getting more busy than previously.

Pejavar Srigalu with Rayar Mutt Swamiji

The younger generation that is current needs to be proud, to have observed swamiji listened to him and participated in some of his actions to the degree possible. We’re blessed and lucky to have a swamiji such as we are guided by him and elegance us all. Shri swamiji is a diversified personality and people from all walks of life, from common man to bigwigs reach up to him for leadership and advice. Vision and the foresight he has with regard to the humanity and society are great and beyond our imagination.

108 Yagna in Udupi for Global Peace

The various institutions he has established talk for itself. He has conducted Sudha Mangala 29 occasions. Yet he is so straightforward and accessible for all mixes freely with everyone with no inhibitions.

Here are a Few of the felicitations created by distinguished folks:

Vishveshateertha Swamiji Asset into Hindu Community’ — Rayar Mutt Swamiji

Swami Suyatindrateertha of Mantralayam Rayar Mutt Reported that Vishveshateerta Swamiji of Pejawar Mutt is a asset to the Hindu community. Drawing on Swami Vishveshateertha, also comparisons between Swami Vyasaraja, that was one of the sages ever, he said that the latter was following Swami Vyasaraja’s path. By organising the Bhakti Namana programme, the followers of Vishveshteertha Swamiji are currently acting on the teachings preached from the latter, ” he explained.

‘to be able to create awareness Despite Vishveshateerta Swamiji age, he’s been covering the length and breadth of our nation. The community acknowledges the contributions of Swami Vishveshateerta,’ added Swami Suyatindrateerta.

It’s my privilege — Paryaya Shiroor Sri Lakshmivara Theertha Swamiji

It is my previlege that my ace Pejavar Swamiji’s 80th Birthday is famous within my 3rd Paryaya Tenure.

We’ve familiar with the truth that Sri Madhwacharya has been supplying poojas in 3 places within a single day (Udupi, Bantwal and Subramanya). Pejavar swamiji is traveling and meeting afternoon at Chennai people at New Delhi in the early hours and day at Bangalore daily.

Pejavar swamiji remains young at 80. He’s guided me and educated me to equilibrium” Sihi” and also”Kahi” (Sweet and Bitter)

Advani showers praises on Pejawar Swamiji

Pejavar Swamiji was a legend rather than just Hindu community but he’s accepted the whole variety of human culture as his domain, that is characterized by love all communities including backward communities, minorities and tribals that was a matter to be commended exclaimed BJP leader Mr. L K Advani. He was participating in the 80th birthday of the Swamiji HH Vishvesha Thirtha of Pejavar Math Udupi.

He said his own life was a saga of sacrifice where he has blazed a path of understanding, compassion and altruism, we ought to learn from his life like we did in the lives of great sages that we have just seen in textbooks, Mr. Advani said. His contribution to its evolution and the society was so vast that one life wasn’t enough.

“I have had an opportunity during my political lifetime to examine his accomplishments but I was not able to comprehend completely his ways of austere living and higher thinking, rarely we find a person of his caliber and all of us should accept him as a teacher” he further added.

A role-model for all Seers — Suttur Swamiji

Shivaratrishwara Deshikendra Swamiji Mysore, of Suttur Mahasamsthan, stated the Viswesha Tirtha of Pejawar Math has been a role-model for all seers in the Nation. “The Pejawar seer’s life would be the best example of just how one ought to live and involve yourself in actions to produce religious awareness among individuals”, he explained.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of Art of Living, Bangalore, said that Sri Vishvesha Tirtha had led an Perfect life. As mentioned from the Bhagvad Gita he was after the ideals. “He’s an inspiration to each of the seers from the nation,” he explained.

Sri LK Advani using Paryaya Shiroor Swamiji

Advani visits the Holy Place “Pajaka Ksheta”

Advani following his visit Pajaka Kshetra, “I’m very much fortunate to visit the birth place of Acharya Madhwa. I consented to go to the shrine if Minister Dr V S Acharya called and extended an invitation to pay a go to to the sacred place of Pajaka yesterday” he said.