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Udupi: Pejawar Swamiji clarifies on his stand about Veerashaiva Lingayat religion

Sri Vishweshateertha Swamiji of Pejawar Math here has clarified concerning the stand taken by him on Veerashiva Lingayat religion with reference to his statement at Harihara in which he had said that Veerashaiva Lingayat religion doesn’t have an identity different than that of Hinduism. He noticed that his response has been given by him in the past too about the stance taken by a few he does not have the locus standi. “My only purpose was that all Hindus should remain together and not one of the siblings in the faith should a few ways, which could weaken Hindu faith,” he said, duly asking people not to confuse his initiative.

On the issue raised by men and women whether he’s about to follow Lingayat traditions, he pointed out Advaita and Dvaita philosophies are a part of Hinduism however there is no requirement or compulsion for the followers’ one philosophy to observe the formalities of the other. Each group can follow with its own set of faith but stay together as a family. “Veerashaivas and Lingayats also ought to remain united. I have been having great connection with Veerashiva and Lingayat Swamijis since 1954 and outside of the affection, I’m expressing myself” he said.

The Swamiji stated that devotees of Lord Shiva who worship the Linga fall along with the Lord . Shaivas have been Hindus, although there might be differences in the notion about the kind of Lord Shiva they believe in, he asserted. They are HIndus although he pointed out caste system is not followed by Ramakrishna Ashram, Swami Narayana sect etc, Arya Saman. He mentioned about the disagreements placed by Ramakrishna Ashram from the past claiming it to be separate faith in order to avail of facilities, but the Supreme Court had held that it drops under Hindu faith.

“I am prepared for virtually any interaction and discussions on the situation. I have read statements made by various people such as Sanehalli Swamiji, M B Patil, Vinay Kulkarni, Jamdar etc.. I am prepared for friendly talks on all difficulties. This kind of programme can be coordinated in Poornaprajna Vidyapeeta Bengaluru or elsewhere before July 28 because I’m undertaking Chaturmasya Vratha afterwards at Mysuru,” he explained.

Speaking to press persons, he encouraged all leaders to develop without any noise but in an atmosphere of bonhomie for conversation.

On the issue of not picking a Shishya (disciple) for Shiroor Math, he said that currently the financial condition of the Math isn’t great because there is debt running into crores of rupees. “Without setting these things right, we cannot choose a successor to the Math. We’re doing our best to deliver the Math on paths as early as you can,” he explained.

He stated that Operation Lotus is not on in Karnataka today and all talk about it is just a rumour. He felt that the experiment of all party government could be attempted in Karnataka that he feels is better compared to options including President’s rule. Recollecting an all-party government had ruled England during the Second World War, he said the concept can be put to use here if leaders of all parties are prepared.

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