Veda Vyasa is the father of the nation – Pejawar Swamiji

Veda Vyasa is This nation’s Daddy — Pejawar Swamiji

Udupi:”India didn’t start by Mahatma Gandhiji. Heritage our civilization and nationality had been awakened by Vyasa.

In addition, he stated that he’s great respect towards Mahatma Gandhi also it was erroneous by a few to telephone his own killer Nathuram Godse that a’patriot’.

“Calling Nathuram Godse that a patriot proved to be a significant insult to the nation. I’m miserable with people who gave a statement. Mahatma Gandhi has been a patriot and he’s India’s son.

“All of the political parties from the nation are equivalent for me. The parties must have contested at the Lok Sabha elections in their own. When they’d done the opposition parties could have won more seats. Nevertheless, it didn’t happen. This advancement awakened Hindutva one of Hindus,” he explained.

“Just anti-Hindu story was seen through elections, along with there weren’t any talks on evolution. Expectations were surpassed by the percentage in the nation. If faith is talked about majority Hindus wake up. Therefore, let’s be talks on growth at least once this,” said the seer.

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