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D-Link is the renowned name when it comes to the wireless as well as wired networking devices. D-Link founded in 1989 has never looked back since then as it has grown to a new level day by day as some of the most technically advanced devices have been released by it. D-Link users had to face a lot of trouble while logging in to the router through the default IP address of the router i.e. or Therefore, D-Link came up with an easy and hassle-free login method of accessing the D-Link router setup portal i.e. www.dlinkrouter.local.

The D-Link DIR-855 Dual band router is from the DIR series of D-Link. The dual bands of this router deliver an enormous speed of over 1 Gbps and the smart compact screen over the top of it displays all the necessary information regarding the router, connection speed, number of devices connected etc.

Now, the users don’t need to log in to the router dashboard for configuration purpose through the IP address which is Rather the users can log in to the router setup page easily through the web domain www.dlinkrouter.local.
This web domain is easy to remember and it is predefined at the address of and

Resetting the D-Link DIR-855 Wi-Fi router

D-Link DIR-855
Although the D-Link wireless routers and modems are much reliable, durable and efficient in their working but still sometimes due to some unavoidable circumstances, the router needs to be reset. The reset may be needed for one of the following below mentioned reasons.

  • When you forget the login password
  • Forgetting the User ID
  • If the router is not responding properly or it gets frozen often
  • Other malfunctioning

Here in this part of the page, we will discuss about the various mediums of resetting the D-Link wireless router. Select one of the below listed methods for router reset.

  • Reset via the Reset button
  • Reset through the web interface (www.dlinkrouter.local)

Resetting the D-Link router via reset button
The D-Link wireless routers can be easily reset through the reset button given on the back of the router. The Reset button is given deep inside a pin hole of the router.

  • Assuming that your router is switched on and is normally connected to your modem and the computer, insert a pin pointed object in the pinhole.
  • Keep the reset button pressed for at least 10 seconds till the lights on the display panel goes off and on again.
  • Now, all the settings, configuration and personal data will get erased from the memory of the router.

Important- The users will need to configure their router again for the data transmission over the wireless/wired network. The configuration will also be needed for successful and fast internet service.

Resetting the router through the web based interface (dlinkrouter.local)

Resetting the router through the web interface of the router is not a tough task. Although resetting the router through the reset button is the easiest way possible for router reset. But still the users having a little or nil knowledge of routers can also reset their router by just following what is mentioned below in this post.

  • Make sure that the router, modem and the computer device are connected to each other and their power supply is on.
  • Open the web browser and enter the web address ⦁ www.dlinkrouter.local in the address bar and enter.
  • Authenticate the login with a username and the password and if you haven’t set any password yet, then the default values for the username and the password is “admin” and “password” itself.
  • Navigate to the system admin tab and then click the Factory reset tab. Once you click the reset button, the lights on the router will go off and the all the settings on it will be erased.
  • Follow any rest of the instructions if displayed on the screen and complete the reset process by selecting the reboot now tab.

Note – You might not need to click the reboot now tab at the end as the router restart itself in the end while reset is done. It is also recommended that the configuration should be done again so that the data transmission between the various devices in the network takes place. The internet service can also be restored only after the configuration.